On 12th May 2012 the Kibi Ambulance Station became fully operational with four (4) EMT’S assisted by a municipal fire officer and a regional coordinator.

The station is located at Kibi Fire Station close to the PWD Building.


National Ambulance Service started with seven pilot stations in three regions in 2004 and as part of its main targets set by management to open at least an Ambulance Station in every District in Ghana and a request from Kibi Municipal Assembly saw the birth of the service on May 2012 in Kibi.




To provide pre-hospital emergency care to accident victims (ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT), Industrial accidents, Medical emergencies and Domestic emergencies. etc.
To give medical care and transport to accident victims from the scene of accident to an appropriate health facility.
To offer first aid and in-service training to organizations such as schools, firms, drivers union etc.
To provide stand-by emergency services cover at mass public gathering
To liaise with other emergency services in times of disaster or mass casualty.
Perform any other duties assigned within the scope of the service. Etc.


Numerous lives lost at scene of road traffic accidents.
May 9th 2001, stadium disaster, in which over one hundred and twenty sports enthusiasts died.
The then head of state in year 2002 charged the Ministry of Health and its Collaborators to establish a nationwide Ambulance Service


The operational duties in year 2012 was successful in spite of the numerous challenges and constraints.