The BAC is currently implementing Rural Enterprises Programme (REP)

  1. Business Development Services (BAC)

This component of REP comprises of technical and small business management training services for technical programmes (interventions) can be grouped under the following areas

  1. Farm Base Activities
  2. Poultry
  3. Snail rearing
  4. Mushroom cultivation
  5. Fish farming
  6. Grass cluttering and the likes
  7. Agro Individual Activities
  8. Soap making
  9. Baking and confectionery
  10. Salt iodization
  11. Agro Processing Activities
  12. Cassava processing
  13. Palm oil processing
  14. Fruit processing
  15. Fish processing
  16. Traditional Craft Activities
  17. Beads production
  18. Leather works
  19. Batik tie and dye/ smock/ kente production
  20. Handy Craft

NB: All these technical interventions can take the form of basic, intermediate (technology improvement and packaging) and advance production efficiency.

Small business management programmes (Managerial training)

These interventions include

  1. Business Counselling
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Business orientation
  4. Financial management training
  5. Credit management training

Other Auxiliary Activities

  1. Business registration
  2. Business plan preparation