The Central Administration Department is the secretariat of the Abuakwa South Municipal Assembly and is responsible for the provision of support services, effective and efficient general administration and organization of the Municipal Assembly. The Central Administration Department is headed by the Municipal Co-ordinating Director.
The Department is responsible for managing all sections of the Assembly including; Planning, Records, Estate, Transport, Procurement, Accounts, Internal Audit, Environmental Health and Sanitation, Stores, Security and Management Information Systems. The Department also coordinates the;

  • General administrative functions
  • Development planning and management functions
  • Budgeting functions
  • Rating functions
  • Statistics and information services, and
  • Human Resource Planning and Development of the Municipal Assembly.
  • Environmental Health and Sanitation activities

The Department also receives and documents complaints made by people in the municipality. Some of the grievances reported at the assembly can be found here: 2019 2020 PRCC COMPLAINS

The Client Service Unit is also a part of this department and the Service Charter can be found here: CLIENT SERVICE CHARTER1

The MPCU is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, preparation, implementation and appraisals of development plans of the Abuakwa South Municipal Assembly. It is headed by the Municipal Planning Officer. The Annual Action Plan for 2020, 2021 and 2022 can be found here: 

(uploaded on 27-11-2019)


(uploaded on 11-12-2020)


(uploaded on 15-12-2021)



The unit provides leadership in the development and the application of IT/IM standards and quality assurance system in relation to the implementation, development and the deployment of IT/IM systems and resources.

It also advises on the provision and maintenance of computers and other office accessories. The unit also contributes to addressing IT/IM problems and issues and provides leadership in the design and implementation of security measures to protect the IT/IM installations, infrastructure and systems.

This is responsible for planning and conducting internal audit at the Assembly as well as coordinating the work of internal audit units in the Assembly in accordance with the Internal Audit Agency Act 2003 by using the standards, practices and principles set by the Internal Audit Agency.


The unit provides strategic direction for the achievement of the overall objective of the procurement function in the Service.

The unit plans and coordinates activities related to procurement, manages the development and implementation of the procurement plan, provides inputs for the preparation of the annual budget and liaises with service providers and other stakeholders to undertake procurement activities.

It is also the responsibility of the Unit to ensure that the procurement activities are in harmony with the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663), supervise stores management and assets disposal as well as the Preparation and submission of Annual and Periodic Reports to the Public Procurement Authority.


It advises the Assembly on cost implications and financial decisions in the Municipal Assembly. It coordinates the preparation of budgets, participates in the preparation of procurement plan and assists in fee-fixing resolutions. To access the 2019 Budget of the Assembly click(uploaded 7-11-2018)   2019 PBB Abuakwa South MA         

To access the 2020 Programme Based Budget of the Assembly, please click here(uploaded 29-11-2019): ASMA PBB NARRATIVE 2020 – 2023

To access the 2021 Programme Based Budget of the Assembly, please click here(uploaded 11-12-2020): Programme Based Budget 2021

To access the 2022 Programme Based Budget of the Assembly, please click here(uploaded 8-12-2021):2022 Programme Based Budget


The Environmental Health unit develops and issues technical guidelines on Environmental Sanitation Management in the municipality. The Unit initiates and applies engineering techniques and concepts in the solution of Environmental Sanitation problems. 


The Department is tasked with the responsibility of sensitizing and educating citizens on various activities (E.g: health screening exercises, street hawking, On-Street parking, etc.) organized by the Assembly.

The Department also reports on the Assembly’s monthly activities and Daily activities and ensures that these reports are duly submitted to top management of the AMA and the Ministry respectively. MIS also sees to the compilation and timely delivery of Situational reports and Public Relation reports within the Assembly to the Ministry of Local Government Decentralization and Rural Development-MLGDRD.